The Dance of My People

Wonderful explanation of what riding really is all about. Stay in the Saddle has always been more than a leather saddle on a horse. 🙂

Deana O'Hara - Speaker, Comedian, Author

funny-horse-pictures-captionsI miss riding horses. My leg isn’t fully healed yet and the impact of a dismount could shatter my right tibia. I have to wait for at least six more months.

I rode for three years at this wonderful ranch in Claremore, Oklahoma owned by my friend Janel. I didn’t realize how much riding would teach me about life until I couldn’t ride anymore. Oh I’ll be back, don’t get me wrong. I’m realizing though that the lessons in the arena carry out to real life when we are open.

I’d shared earlier that I was a mess when I first started taking lessons with Jo. (See post HERE). I was. I’m not sure what happened really to get me there. Well, that’s a lie. I felt pushed around. I felt like the rules I’d been taught to play by in order to keep the peace were actually stacked…

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About Stay in the Saddle

I am a horse enthusiast and riding instructor. This blog is to help other horsemen, and eventually post instructional video. Stay in the Saddle is here for YOU, the rider!
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