Make 2012 YOUR Year

What a crazy, busy and exciting year! So much so, that I didn’t have a lot of time to do a lot of blog work. But my hope, goal and intent – is to write much more in the new year and be of help and service to all of your horsemen and horsewomen out there!  🙂

This year has been an eye-opener of sorts. . . and I want to use my personal lessons to help and encourage you in where you are at in your riding, or in your life. You know the saying “Misery loves company”? . . . Well, I think a lot of negative things love company.  Moreso than the positive counterparts.  Let me explain.

When people are insecure – how do they act? What can you almost always expect out of them? The obvious answer is insecure behavior. And the second answer – or the result of that insecure behavior – is impressing such feeling and “lacking” on those around them. What would this look like (in case you don’t already know)?  First, you wouldn’t be good enough for them.  And you certainly wouldn’t do or act or say the right things to or around them. Maybe a little ridicule. A mocking of what you do or who you are. Basically, just downright bad behavior that make YOU feel awful. And with that – their mission is accomplished.

How does this look in dealing with horses? Horses are not the world’s most confident animals. Not even close! They are prey animals, they are nervous, and they are a little bit scared. So, add a good and confident “leader” (you), and you have a horse that is comfortable, listens and communicates well, exercises control under your confident hands, and thus – acts confidently in uncertain situations.  Perfect!!!  Now, think of some of the not-so-happy instances with horses that you’ve seen or heard of: horse never does anything right, horse is always in training, horse spooks at everything or throws a fit at the drop of the hat. . . Not so fun and certainly not safe or condusive for working (or playing).

Both situations, in my estimation, are in the humans’ hands. Granted, some horses have more flight than others, some are more stubborn, etc. – but like us humans, how we are raised and educated leaves a major impact on the direction of our lives. So, what are you telling your horse? Where is your confidence and, thus, your horse’s confidence at? You cannot change what a negative person says about you or what some quack trainer has done to your horse in the past —- what you CAN change is how you go forward from this day on with your life and your horse.

Also, I really wanted to add this in: someone who does not feel much self-worth will make others (you?) question your own worth.  Some people are more easily convinced of this, whereas others fight like hell to prove that the negative person is wrong.  Horses are the same.  Funny how we are so similar and horses are just really big mirrors of ourselves. But for consideration in the new year, I want you to take an inventory. . . Who do you see yourself as? Worthy and confident? Or not good enough and not worthy of investing in yourself (your horsemanship)?

If you do struggle with this – I want you to know RIGHT NOW: you are worth every moment, every penny, and every effort to make your life your own and be as good as you want to be at whatever you want to be.  Whether it is/was a parent, sibling, spouse, friend. . . anyone – who planted the negative seeds within you, choose now to stop that cycle.  Do more, be more, believe for more — and be that positive person for someone to learn from and look up to.

Negativity is contagious and spreads rampantly. . . Let us be the spark in beginning a new trend in the horse world! Encouragement, positivity, and being for others what we may not have received in our past or present.  Make it a GREAT year!  Make it YOUR year!


Happy 2012!




About Stay in the Saddle

I am a horse enthusiast and riding instructor. This blog is to help other horsemen, and eventually post instructional video. Stay in the Saddle is here for YOU, the rider!
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